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Whenever possible, I try to promote the models I work with, Many of my models are amateurs, or friends, or just someone trying something new and different, however some are professional, and some dream of becoming professional, so this part of my website is dedicated to advertising the models I have worked with, as well as endorsements from those models.

So if you see a link, that is so you can follow or contact them.

London Andrews


“Yes, it hurt.”

Tainted Fae


I dream of genie

E n d o r s e m e n t s



Working with Logan is nice. He will not use any image that you are uncomfortable with and makes it very well known that if you are uncomfortable, then you shouldn’t do it. He takes his work very seriously and tries to keep the mood light, especially when your twisted into the most uncomfortable position while trying to get the right pose. His knack for creative scenes and imagery that makes you stop and think astounds me. If you have body issues, he does a superb job at putting you into the right position to show off your good points. I hate having my picture taken. Always have. With him, I gladly pose because it’s not a picture, it is true art.



“Working with Logan has been one of the most exciting experiences I have had. He is a wonderfully patient and professional gentleman who helped me with my first ever nude photo shoot. I have never felt more comfortable being nude with someone I had just met, as I had with Logan. The work I have done with him has turned out beautifully, and I am happy to work with him every time.”



The photo shoots with Logan are always fun and professional; I am always amazed by his talent.

Maia Caine

(one of my E-Models from Africa)


As an email model I present Logan with additional challenges as he is unable to direct shots and has to make do with what amateur me can provide. Despite this he has always been courteous, encouraging and patient with my occasional requests for edits. I just wish I had more opportunities to provide him with photos.


queenofrods011Working with Logan is a wonderful experience he makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in whatever pose or idea he lets you have, he is very talented with a wonderful imagination, I would work with him ever chance I have.

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