Interest in Modeling?

Thank you for your interest in modeling for me.

I will begin with some basics. Because most of my work deals with nudes, implied nudes, fantasy and fetish, the minimum age required is 18.

I work with nearly all body types and prefer working with “real” people as opposed to the industry standards; and yes, I work with all genders.

Because I am more an artist than a photographer, I like to have a project in mind when I work with you so it is best if you approach me with a project of your own


The rates for what I pay models are negotiable.  As I am working on building my own portfolio, I do mostly Time for CD.  Anyone working for my projects will not be charged.

I have no problem with escorts and if you are the least bit uncomfortable, I recommend them.

What You Get

  • A CD with the original photos as well as the completed work.
  • Rights to distribute your own photos (if you are the only model in the photo) that includes reprint and portfolio and any non-commercial use.


Please understand that I am an artist more than a photographer, so editing does take some time  The turn-around time between shoots and end product varies. However, if it is a paid shoot, you will take priority.

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