Special Projects

Special Projects

Every artist has projects and themes that they feel something about,

These are what I consider ‘My Projects’, art and themes that are particularly mine.

Each project has a story behind it,

I offer these particular artworks to every model I work with.


Morning Coffee

A long time ago, I had spent the night with a woman, and when I woke up, she was wearing my button up shirt, unbuttoned, and nothing else, she had made coffee and brought me a cup, I asked why she was wearing my shirt, she simply said “I like the way you smell” and smiled. To this day I consider this ‘image’ one of the sexiest and most romantic in all my life.

So I present “Morning coffee” My sharing of that vision.


(there are a few images that are NSFW that have been posted on the adult pagehttp://www.strangeimages.biz/Adult/ )


The Sky-Clad Tarot Project

I started this project in 2010, a project that involves 78 individual works of art, I finished the rough draft at the end of 2015, I am now in the process of re-edits and a few re-shoots.

Due to the fact that this is a nude deck I have moved it to the adult page http://www.strangeimages.biz/Adult/



Sisterhood of the sheer habit

Many will see these artworks as a nun fetish, feel free, but they are, at least for me, my artistic rebellion against organized religions dominance of female sexuality. The constant judgement of a woman’s worth based on her sexual purity, her modesty, and so forth. That her natural state of being somehow becomes less due to having sex or even simply being seen while males do not. So I am doing a full series with any model that wishes to join the ‘sisterhood of the sheer habit’ as an act of rebellion that a woman is somehow unworthy of God, faith, or basic equality based on their sexuality.

Uncensored and more artworks of this theme are at http://www.strangeimages.biz/Adult/


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