Editing and manipulation examples

There is far more to photo manipulation than copy and paste, and more work than any of the photo shop programs “auto” buttons can do. it takes hard work and skill to do photo editing, and times that by a hundred to do photo manipulations.

Below is some of my editing skills as examples of the things that I can do.

Photo Restoration.

I took a public domain image of a badly scratched and decayed photo and restored it; mind you that no “auto-scratch remover” can do this kind of editing.


Portrait Clean-Up

Many editors use automated “glamour” features in their clean-ups, this usually softens the skin so to make the person look airbrushed. My editing skills allow me to smooth out imperfections without removing skin texture; as you can see in this photo I am taking the wrinkles from the eyes and lightening the tan lines without making the skin texture unrealistic.



Content Removal

Although it looks simple, removing elements from a photo is difficult work. When there is no background to worry about like with portraits, it is fairly simple. To remove elements when there is a complicated background, however, takes real skill.


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