About Strange Images

There are many photographers out there; I am not one of them.  I am an Artist.  At this time I am using photography as my main medium along with photo manipulation and so forth to create my art.

As an artist, my main goal is to create art,
I work primarily with amateur models and take pride in the fact I use ‘real’ people and not industry standards.

“My goal as an artist is not to capture the physical beauty of the model, but the honesty of the emotion, the sparkle of the eye more than the color, the flirtation more than the titillation, the curve of the sashay more than the curve of the hips, the heat of the moment more than the hotness of the model, the strength of the character more than the biceps, for every man and woman has within them the power to move the heart, the trick is, capturing this with a camera, anything else is just a picture.”

I began in 2010 when I started my Skyclad Tarot project, but have enjoyed the creative process and expression to such a degree that I have done a great number of other projects.  My passion for the creative process has been awakened and I intend to make this my life.

My primary work is artistic and fantasy expressions, so you won’t find any wedding galleries here, but you will find beauty.

Thank you and enjoy my creations!

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