Tarot updates have begun

Not only am I only 10 cards away from finishing the deck, but since I have been working on this for over three years my skill has improved, so I have been going back and re-editing some of my earlier cards, here are a couple of examples of the improvements…

4ofcups-sidebyside 5ofcups-sidebyside

I hope you like the improvements!

Stay tuned as the deck is near complete!

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2 Responses to Tarot updates have begun

  1. Mrsgitchell says:

    I just stumbled across your site, and am so pleased I did! What an amazing concept for a tarot deck, and your reasoning’s behind it make so much sense. Your improvement examples are great! I will be bookmarking your site, so I can find out when these cards are completed and available.
    Again, amazing work!

    • Logan says:

      Thank you! I am working hard to get the final edits up! after 4 years of hard work it looks like I am only a few months away from having it ready for presentations!

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