Finally getting around to some web page updates…
Added a recent projects page that I will be putting recent work in, I added a story board page for some of my more fun projects, You may notice two fantasy art pages as I am going to reload and change up that page,
My plan is to cut down on the art I showcase here, take off a lot of my older work as my skills have improved, instead of loading ‘everything’.
I want to make this page a bit more professional looking, so I hope you all enjoy the changes, still lots to do but I am going to try to get as much done this week as I can.

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7 of pentacles re-edit.

seven of pents

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More updates and re-edits!

As you can see the re-edits are coming along nicely!


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Updates continue…

The Major Arcana images and the Cups images are complete…

I still have the rest of the final edits to go but they are going faster than I had hoped!

After the images are done I will go through and give the cards full and complete descriptions, but right now I am focused on the images.

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Tarot updates have begun

Not only am I only 10 cards away from finishing the deck, but since I have been working on this for over three years my skill has improved, so I have been going back and re-editing some of my earlier cards, here are a couple of examples of the improvements…

4ofcups-sidebyside 5ofcups-sidebyside

I hope you like the improvements!

Stay tuned as the deck is near complete!

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Lots of new updates!

Been busy all year but admit to not updating this website as often as I should, so today I spent a great deal of time adding new artworks and new galleries, so come in, browse, and enjoy!

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Webpage Updates….

This site is going through a complete makeover.  I will be updating images, contacts, information and so on.  It is time to take my website out of the amateur world and into the realm of commercial status.

So stay tuned and please be patient if things go missing and change a bit.


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